Why Schoesswendter Pellets?

We produce everything ourselves
Nothing is left to chance with us: from raw materials, to manufacture, to delivery, everything comes from our own facilities. That’s the plain and simple reason for our high customer satisfaction: not one single complaint in the last year is a very clear message.

Your oven needs clean pellets
In Austria’s most modern industrial pellets plant, we press pellets from the very best raw materials that collect each day in our sawmills. Only pure sawdust and plane shavings from local forests are processed into high quality pellets. We guarantee that there is no mixture or insertion of chemical additives, inferior materials or waste materials. For the optimum compo-sition of our pellets, merely a small amount of organic bonding agent from agricultural production is added.

Optimum heating is the result of top quality
Our pellets are pressed in expert fashion. For that reason, they contain an extremely small proportion
of dust. That way, they burn beautifully and leave
only a small amount of clean ash behind. Your heating system is conserved and combustion is optimal.